Fixated Press

ABOUT FIXATED PRESS: Small press focused on handmade, sometimes Risograph printed, zines, artist books, and broadsides covering an assortment of topics with a lot of cats and food in the mix. Formerly “Fixed Orifice Press”; debuted at APE 2004. 

Reach out to us at fixatedpress *at*  – we enjoy collaborations, comments, and discussions!

Most work is available via Etsy or Quimby’s, or inquire with Fixated Press. 

PIGEON • Risograph poster print 11 3/8″ x 11″; 3 layers of color – 2 options for paper color. Who is your favorite domestic Columbidae, why the pigeon of course! 

$15 USD plus shipping based on location.  Available from Etsy (click here). 

CONO NO TAZO • Artist Book, single object, 6.25″ x 3.75″ closed. This book explores the differences between gelato and ice cream, the decision behind a cone or a cup, and surveys the most popular gelato flavors. NFS

GELATO AND OTHER FOODS • Zine, edition of 45, 5.5″ x 4.25″, 2019. This zine explores traveling and eating in Florence, Italy. Gelato and pizza are among the topics discussed, as well as a few of my favorite restaurants, and the sparkling water fountain in a piazza! Black and white interior, with 18 hand-drawn illustrations. Cover illustration is either gelato on a cone, or in a cup. 

$5 USD plus $1 shipping Available from Etsy (click here) or from Quimby’s (click here)

CATS IN MY HOUSE • Zine, edition of 75, 5.5″ x 4.25″, 2019. This single-sheet structure introduces the reader to the cats I’ve shared a home with through photographs.  The zine opens to show two of the cats, unfolds further to the centerfold with two additional cats, and the back cover closes with the last feline. Two color (burgundy and green) Risograph printed on cream paper.

$3 USD plus $0.75 shipping. Available from Etsy (click here).

WHAT IS THAT/COME CLOSER! • Zine, edition of 60, 2.5″ x 3.75″, 2019. This single-sheet uses clip art to explores the authors’ apprehension surrounding matters relating to the eye. Two color (fluorescent pink and teal) Risograph printed on cream paper.

$2 USD plus $0.55 shipping  • Available soon

COLLECTION #1• Zine, 2017. This single-sheet structure shares a selection of my office supplies: staplers, a vintage pencil sharpener, and a staple-less stapler. Hand-drawn illustrations. Two color (orange and teal) Risograph printed on cream paper. 

• Available soon

SQUEAKY THE BAD CAT • Zine, edition of 40, 5.5″ x 4.25″, 12 pages, stapled, 2018/2019. Text and Images by Megan Adie, Production and Printing by Meri Brin. Squeaky the cat does a lot of bad things in this zine. Why is she so bad, and does that make us love her less? Three color (orange, teal, green) Risograph printed on cream paper.

$5 USD plus $1 shipping • Available from Quimby’s (click here)

DECEASE “Exploring the Culture of Death” #1 • Zine, edition of 260, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 44 pages, stapled, 2004. This non-fiction zine investigates the subject of death through a variety of interpretations. Contributors  examined burial traditions, human cadavers, various slang words for death, the writing of obituaries, a morgue viewing, and other explorations. 

Once upon a time Fixated Press went by the name Fixed Orifice Press. Here’s an interview with Jennie of Red Letter Day from back then!