Design: 2011

Photos of student artwork by Meri Brin, students, faculty, and Work Study;
all artwork is students’ own.


FALL 2012 Inspired Drawing Poster


Fall 2011 Lithography poster; artwork by Zuzana Dubovska.


Fall 2011 Etching poster; artwork by Rebecca Soriano.


Fall 2011 Silkscreen 2 poster; artwork by Eriko Yamada.


Fall 2011 Letterpress poster


Fall 2011 Book Arts 2 poster


Fall 2011 Monotype poster; artwork by Malcolm Browne.


Fall 2011 Grad Mixed Media poster


Fall 2011 Grad Lithography poster


Fall 2011 Grad Monotype & Relief poster


Fall 2011 Grad Letterpress poster


Fall 2011 Grad Book Arts poster


Spring 2011 Book Arts poster


Spring 2011 Printmaking Department Classes Poster; artwork by Zuzana Dubovska, Rebecca Soriano, and others.


Spring 2011 Silkscreen Classes Poster


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